2018  Events  Jan. - Mar.

Sat., Jan 13, 2018; 1-2pm = #1 Story Circle with Grandfather Chipmunk: (Evan Pritchard) a weekend : Ages 4 to 10. One hour indoor workshop. In this story hour, children will learn several Native American stories and songs of our region, and native hand signs that go with them, plus other useful signs that hunters use to quietly signal the presence of animals and birds. Using “Bird cards” children will also learn about Native American views of birds as messengers. We will also do a brief ceremony of thanks, and learn basic two-step powwow dancing, and the Hand Bone Game. Evan will also introduce the children to local native history, (with photos of the “Nose of Ioskawasting” and other local sites) and to “the three sisters,” Corn, Beans, and Squash and how they work together to keep us well. This workshop is a wonderful and factual introduction to Native American culture for kids! (limit 27 people, regardless of age) All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. Meet at the Sam’s Point Visitor Center, 400 Sam’s Point Road, Cragsmoor NY 12420. Pre-registration is required by calling Sam's Point at 845-647-7989.

Wed., Jan 17, 2018, 6-7:30pm = #2 Winter Teaching (or “Bear Moon”) Lodge with Grandfather Chipmunk (Evan Pritchard), a weekday evening : Ages 18 and over. In this 90-minute program, Evan will go deep on local Algonquin history and culture with adults over 18. Using slides, Evan will discuss “moshulu” practice of clearing fields with fire and go on a short walk to where intentional burning happened at Sam’s Point in recent years (weather permitting). Evan will share maps of tribal boundaries and trails, discuss local native history, cosmology, and the Munsee language, both verbal and signed. Evan will share some songs and stories, and some “Bear Moon” lore as well, including a nod to Punxsutawney Phil. We will do a brief ceremony of thanks and sing an ancient Lenape blessing song. We will also use “bird cards” to learn about Native American bird lore, learn about how corn, beans, and squash, “the three sisters” work together, and much more. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 18. Meet at Sam’s Point Visitor Center, 400 Sam’s Point Rd, Cragsmoor NY 12420. Pre-registration required by calling Sam's Point at 845-647-7989.

Sat, Jan 20, 2018:  Chester, NY train station. Talk about Waoraneck, Skonanokee, Tappaen Indians of Orange Co. Contact Floyd Hicks.

Thu, Jan 25, 2018: 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Tecumseh and The Enduring Spirit of Unity.  Boughton Place, 150 Kisor Road, Highland, NY, 12528. 845 691-7578 (off 299) Author Sally Bermanzohn will read from her new book Indian Annie, about the meeting between Tecumseh and Pushmataha, and Evan Pritchard will read from Native New Yorkers about Tecumseh’s death. Tecumseh will be played by Tecumseh Red Cloud. Contact sallybethankful@gmail.com.

Sat., Jan. 27, 1-4pm. Straight Outta Hibernation! “Bear Cult” Rituals of the Ice Age and how they merged into Groundhog’s Day, Imbolch, Candlemas, and more. Did you know that all true bears are born in the last half of January, called the “Bear Moon” by Algonquins? Did you know that the bear spirit is the protector of the tribe? Did you know that Groundhog’s Day was recognized by the Lenape as the return of the light, and that Punxsutawney Phil’s name is a Lenape word, from an old story? That Woodchuck is a Lenape word, and a last-minute stand-in for the bear? Did you know that Imbolch/Bear Moon/Ground Hog’s Day is when we finally see more than 10 hours of light per day, and that is when Mother Earth begins to wake up, just as the mother bears are coming out of hibernation and looking at their shadow? Do you know why seeing your shadow really does suggest a long, cold winter? If all this interests you, come to our “Baby Bear Birthday” party and experience many more surprises. Join Evan Pritchard (Grandfather Chipmunk or Geezeegool Abachbahametch in Mi’kmaq) as we turn off the lights and go deep into the cave of the past to glimpse the light of our collective futures, and perhaps experience some spirit bear medicine, and some birthday cake.
Neolyth, 39 Glen Ridge Road, Montclair,  NJ. $25/person. Call Brian McGuire 646-256-0515
also: Fri., Feb. 2, 7-9pm at Sacred Space, 436 Main St, Beacon, NY10301. $20/person. sacredspace77@gmail.com, 845-742-8494, www.sacredspace.com
also: Sun., Feb. 4, 2-4pm at Mirabai Books, 23 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock, NY, 12498. Pre-register at 845-679-2100, www.mirabai.com.

Thu. Feb 8, 2018: 10:30am SUNY New Paltz day care center Evan will tell stories to pre-schoolers, & sing songs using puppets, etc.

Sun., Feb. 25, 2018: 1:30-3:30pm. A Feast for the Innocents. Honoring Native Americans Lost in the Feb. 25, 1643 Pavonia Massacre. The Old Dutch Church of Kingston is hosting a memorial feast for non-combatant indigenous Native American massacre victims. and a teach-in with native author and historian Evan Pritchard, at Old Dutch. Some Tappan, indigenous who controlled M’heakanituck crossings were among those killed in the Pavonia massacre. Sally Bermanzohn, author of Through Survivors’ Eyes (2003) who helped establish the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Greensboro, N.C., and testified at the hearings will also present. Join us for this time of remembering, honoring, learning, and feasting. Following the lecture and discussion, there will be a general conversation about the power of truth and the promise of reconciliation (as experienced in Southern Africa, the UN, Canada, Greensboro, N.C., etc.) and a brief ceremony of condolence and repentance for the many such massacres that remain untold. Book signing follows. Free to the public. Donations welcome. The Old Dutch Church, 272 Wall Street, Kingston, NY 12401. RSVPs appreciated: info@olddutchchurch.org. Include Native American event in subject line. 845 338-6759. (Official release date of the new book The Tappan: Keepers of the River Crossings, by Evan Pritchard. We gather together to honor the victims of this and other massacres of non-combantant indigenous native Americans over the years. Called "Slaughter of the Innocents" by historians over 80 non-combatant Tappaen natives [Weckweisgeek, Hackensack, et al, mostly Christian or relatives of Christians] were eliminated by order of Gov. Kieft, as well as, over 30 more at Rechtank/Corlears Hook.

Wednesdays: Feb. 28, Mar. 14 & 28, Apr. 11 & 25,  May 9.  7 - 9 pm. On Eagle's Wings: Living a Spiritual Life. Discussion on Native American Spirituality at Stony Point Conference Center, hosted by Evan Pritchard. Many guest speakers, sharing their personal experiences with Great Spirit, including Gail Whitlow, Karine Gordineer, Joan Henry, Matinecock Chiefs Osceola Townswnd, Reggie Ceasar, Martin Jones. (845) 786-5674. https//: stonypointcenter.org.

Fri., Mar. 8, 2018: 7 -9pm The Living Roots of Civil Rights: Angeline Butler and Muriel Tillinghast (and surprise guests) Share Over a Century of Combined Experience in Non-violent Activism. Angeline and Muriel will visit Kingston’s African Roots Library to share their stories and insights into effective organizing, movement building and nonviolent activism. Join us as we honor the 58th anniversary of the first mass sit-in arrests in the south, Feb. 27th, 1960 and the subsequent collaboration with the Highlander School around March 8th, that same year. Both worked with the Freedom Riders, as part of a broad effort to secure mass transit rights for African-Americans under a new desegregation law. Muriel was also part of “Mississippi Summer” in 1964 to increase black voter registration, Their remarkable stories were recently published in the new book Hands on the Freedom Plow from Illinois University Press) Music will be included. African Roots Library, 43 Gill St, Kingston, NY. www.africanrootslibrary.org. Odell Winfield, director

Wed., March 14: On Eagle’s Wings, part 2: Matinecock Chiefs Osceola Townsend, Reggie Ceasar, & Martin Jones. Suggested donation $30. None turned away for financial reasons.

Sun., March 18, 2018, 12-3pm  Program #3 It Wears the Buckhorns from Across the Way: A Magical Journey into the Sky Realm for Adults. A weekend day.  Ages 18 and over; Sam’s Point as a Sacred Site. In this walking tour. Evan Pritchard (Chipmunk) will start with a noon ceremony, then lead us upwards into the mythic realm of the ancestors, those who once lived in rock shelters along the trail to what we call Sam’s Point. We will again do a ceremony at the perched boulder and sing ancient songs of blessing. Hikers will learn about local native geography, trails and place names (such as Ioskawasting), Algonquian cosmology and culture, intentional fires, rock shelters, faces of Manitou in the rocks, and much more. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18. Sam’s Point Visitor Center, 400 Sam’s Point Rd, Cragsmoor NY 12420. Pre-registration is required. Call Sam's Point,  845-647-7989.

Mon, March 19, 2018: Desmond Campus Mount St Mary’s, evening class on local Native American History.
Tues, March 20, 2018: 12:15pm EDT, Spring Equinox
Tues., March 20: 5pm Spring Equinox ceremony, Main St., Rosendale, NY
Tues., March 20: 5:30 - 8:30 pm, Spring Equinox ceremony and potluck at Seed Song Farm, 160 Esopus Ave., Kingston, NY
Fri., March 23: 1pm, Equinox ceremony, White Pine Community Farm, 295 Duell Hollow Road, Wingdale NY
Sat., March 24:, 2-4pm, Spring Equinox Concert of Algonquin Inspired Music, Pine Plains Public Library, 7775 South Main, Pine Plains, NY [Rts 82 &199]. Call Veronica at 518-398-1927. Email pineplainsdirector@gmail.com.

Wed., March 28th: On Eagles’ Wings, donation $30 - no one turned away for financial reasons.
Thur., Mar. 29: 6-8pm, Women & Earth, Sarah Elisabeth, the Wise Woman Tradition & Sally Bermanzohn, indigenous Native American Women as Farmers & Leaders,  African Roots Library, 43 Gill St, Kingston, NY. www.africanrootslibrary.org. Odell Winfield, director.
Sat., March 31st: COSM Full Moon Gathering, 7:30 to whenever. On this second blue moon of the year Evan will share spring equinox teachings of the ancient past and talk about what is going on right now. Look for announcements about a COSM workshop.



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