2018  Events  October - December

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Oct. 6, Sat., 11:15am, Karen Mosco, ”Manahatta: Where My Journey Back Home Began” and importance of  Lunaape language. At 1pm, Evan Pritchard speaks on “The Munsee Delaware of Kingston: Their History and Culture, Trails and Trading Posts”. Persen House, 74 John St, Kingston, NY. Hosted by Save Native Sites. Part of NYS "Path Through History" series.
Oct. 8, Mon., 7pm: "River People" Art Opening, at Art Centro, 485 Main St, Poughkeepsie. Evan presents slide show & talk about the river people (Munsee Delaware, Wappingers, Tappan, Mohican) of mid-Hudson Valley. Opening features new ceramic works by Elizabeth Meyer 845 454-4525.
Oct. 12, Fri., 6pm, ANA meeting and potluck at Bloomington Church.
Oct. 16, Tues.: Indigenous People’s Day at Brooklyn Friends Meeting House. Evan is part of several
group presentations throughout the day and evening at the Red Hook Lane campus and elsewhere.
Free to public. Contact Marna Herrity at (646)812-8849 or email mherrity@brooklynfriends.org.
Oct. 25, Thur, 7pm: The Falcon Underground/Tribal Harmony Series.  Fall Harvest of Song: Judith
Tulloch Band with an assortment of performers before and after sharing a variety of indigenously
inspired music. 7 pm Waterfall Ceremony  7:30 Evan Pritchard opens, MC  (traditional to original)
8:00 Judith Tulloch Band  9:00 Annie and Carrie aka Barely Lace (a beautiful blend of indigenous
sounds) 9:40 Luis Ramos, Taino re-enactor, drummer (using a hollow log) 10 pm, Vicki Raabin, Lori Jo,
Patrick Coll, and more—a variety of late night indigenous echoes.  Last in series for a while.
The Falcon, 1348 rte 9W, Marlboro, NY 12542 (845)236-7970. www.liveatthefalcon.com.

Oct. 27,  Sat., 3-8pm.: Halloween Fest with MyKingstonKids at Seed Song Farm, 160 Esopus Ave., Kingston, NY.
Oct. 27-28, S-S: 11a-5p; Ramapough Wawayanda PowWow, 185 Wawayanda Ave, Middletown, NY 10940-6819. Contact  FLoyd Hicks, 914-584-6207. Honoring Veterans Powwow, AL Post 151.

Nov. 6, Tues., 6-9:30pm: Evan Pritchard speaks on Native American Spirituality in Action--the Lost Wisdom of the Tappan Indians at Ramapo State College.
Nov. 11, Sun, 2 - 4pm: Exploring The Lost City of Norumbega. In this deep-history workshop, Evan reveals many astounding secrets about Manhattan’s Native American and early contact period history. We’ll discuss how Manhattan was Nu Schodack, capital of the Mohican Nation; how its capitol city was built on a hill at Broadway and Worth St, now long missing; how Canal St used to be the Lapinikan (“Dividing”)River, dividing Manhattan in two; how natives built a causeway across a lake caused by an earthquake to divide salty water from fresh, and how early French explorers built a trading post long before the Dutch, calling it “Norumbega,” or “Enormous Cliff.” If you liked the film “National Treasure” you will love this because it’s real. Mirabai Books, 23 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock, NY 12498. 845-679-2100. Reservations recommended.

Nov. 13, Tues: Interfaith Thanksgiving, Temple Emmanuel, Albany Ave, Kingston, NY, with songs from many faiths and traditions. Cloudbreakers Drum

Nov. 15, Thurs,7pm: Four Goals of Algonquin Spirituality: Wisdom Power Knowledge Compassion. Evan Pritchard explores the practical spirituality of our local Native Americans. At Sacred Space, 436 Main St, Beacon NY 12508. $20. Do not arrive before 6:50 pm. Evan.pritchard7 @gmail.com, 845-377-1110.  Donna 845-742-8494 sacredspace77@gmail.com
This workshop explores each of these four goals, and how they relate to the Red Road teachings, as well as to the four directions of the Medicine Wheel. Through inner journeying we visualize ourselves growing through three stages of unfoldment towards each of these goals until they become real to us. We go from choosing a direction of the medicine wheel, choosing an action to change our conscious-ness, and choosing a quality we wish to cultivate. This quality then leads us to cultivate one of these goals, important resources for moving forward in our daily lives. From there we explore three more stages, realizing outcomes, applying them as a livelihood, and attaining to transcendent virtues of Neoline or enlightenment. This totals seven stages, completing a cycle. The way these four goals inter-relate is complex but putting these teachings into action is simple; all it takes is faith in the process. Participants should bring paper and pen. Be prepared to acquire new resources for organizing your spiritual life, according to ancient traditions.

Nov. 16, Fri, 6 pm: Celebration of the Three Sisters, Corn, Beans and Squash; story telling, music, dancing, drumming.  By donation only. Chief Dwaine Perry may speak about the Ramapough and Their Struggle. African Roots Library, 31 Gill St, Kingston, NY 845-388-3092.

Nov. 17, Sat, 2:30pm onwards: Evan will conduct a Native American memorial service for a member of our local community. Private ceremony.

Nov. 18, Sun, 10am: Annual Native American Thanksgiving Church Service, Fair Street Reformed Church, 209 Fair St, Kingston, NY.
Nov. 18, Sun, 4pm: Dutchess County Interfaith Council Thanksgiving Celebration/Address.  Evan will help lead this important annual event. For more info, and directions, contact Muriel Horowitz (845)464-8728.

Nov. 20, Tues: Evan will lead a student Thanksgiving Assembly at Eleanor Van Gelder School in Edgewater NJ, speaking about the Tappan and other local Lenape nations. Private event. However Evan is available to speak at schools in NY/NJ/PA/CT.

Nov. 22
, Thurs, noon: “Anushiik!” aka “Our Big Fat Native American Thanksgiving Dinner, a Second Helping!” at Stony Point Conference Center, 17 Cricketown Rd, Stony Point, NY (off 9W, north of Nyack) 10980. All day ceremonial feast featuring Native American elders, including Tiokasin Ghost Horse, Luis Ramos and Evan Pritchard, and teachings from many traditions. Free will donation and pot luck offering. Gathering and opening ceremonies at noon; 1pm pot luck feast; 4pm Teaching Circle; 7 pm Song Circle. Accommodations available on site. Call Kitty (845)786-5674 x 121 or kitty@stonypointcenter.org.
Invite: https://stonypointcenter.org/images/Events/2018/Thanksgiving2018.pdf

Nov. 23, Fri, 9:30 am to noon. Conference  “Discussing and Reflecting on White Supremacy and The Doctrine of Discovery. Contact Stony Point Conference Center for details. (See above Nov. 22)

Nov. 24, Sat, 2-5pm: Giving Thanks Through Action: A Native American Call to Service. A workshop with Evan Pritchard, Neolyth, 39 Glen Ridge Ave, Montclair, NJ, $25 RSVP.  In this workshop, Mi’kmaq author Evan (Chipmunk) Pritchard, discusses ways we can show our gratitude for all that Mother Earth and Father Sky have given us, through our actions. When we offer to help Creation continue, we offer our whole selves, wholeheartedly, and with real humility. It may start with words such as “thank you for all you have given me,” but these words lead to “show me how I can help,” or “show me where to begin.” From there the spirit of thanks-giving leads us to a path of action of some kind, where there are no words needed. Evan will also teach us Native American sign language, a first step for learning to pray without words, using John Mohawk's highly accessible "Giving of Thanks" as a signing project. We will learn the spoken words for thank you in many native languages and many ways to show gratitude without words. Register at Meetup.org https://www.meetup.com/Montclair_Shamanic_Circle/events/255828998/?isFirstPublish=true  or call (646)256-0515.

Nov. 27, Tues, 1pm: Dawnland, a new documentary of Reconciliation;  Commission on Maine Social Services removing Native children from their families. SUNY Ulster. Stone Ridge, NY, at Cottekill Rd, near Route 209.

Dec. 1, Sat, 2pm:  Saugerties Public Library, Sally Bermanzohn speaks on Native American Women of the Eastern Woodlands. Free to the public.
Dec. 14. Fri., 6:30pm: ANA pot luck, drumming and dancing. By donation. Bloomington United Reformed Church, 11 Church St, off Main St, Bloomington, NY (off 32 south of Kingston).
Dec. 21, Fri. [5:23pm EST]  4:30pm: Winter Solstice Celebration at Seed Song Farm & Center, 160 Esopus Ave., Kingston NY
Dec. 27, Thur., 7pm, Tribal harmony at the The Falcon Underground/Tribal Harmony Series: Luis SANAKORI Ramos, The Eagle, the Condor, the Coqui. The Falcon, 1348 rte 9W, Marlboro, NY 12542 (845)236-7970. www.liveatthefalcon.com.
Water Ceremony at 7:30pm



Cancelled - weather