Medicine Pauwau 2019
        A Gathering in the Spirit of the Elders
in the Algonquin Tradition
    Saturday, October 12, 2019, 9am - 5pm
at Seed Song Farm and Center
160 Esopus Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401

Admission by donation, no one turned away

The question: What if something brings out that we are being misled by the leadership regularly? That leadership is compromised and, in fear or greed, allows the passage of legislation not in the common good?
How do we correct this?
This is not a political discussion. It is not about any individual participating in the process. Rather, it is about what do we do as a small community to go on from here? How can this be handled? Prevented in the future? How to minimize panic?  How do we change the way we govern ourselves?
This will be discussed in each of the 4 councils for about a half hour, then all the councils will come back together. A spokesperson for each will summarize what conclusions have been reached. More discussion follows until lunch time.
 We will then decide a future course of action.
Such discussion is very beneficial when considering the major changes facing us now. Start change from the bottom up.


Vendor/Exhibitor Registration

There is no charge for vending/exhibiting.
Vendors are asked to give a donation based on your sales.
We askcrafts people to demonstrate and/or explain how a product is made.
We also ask each vendor/exhibitor to have a poster board or similar display
about a product, a service or your culture so people may learn more about it.

Vendors/exhibitors MUST be pre-registered.
Vendor/exhibitor space may be shared.   Standard space is a 10’ x 10’.
Please supply own pop-up tent or other shade covering, as well table[s] & chair[s].
Please post prices & any fees which are being charged for services offered
Setup time is 7am on Oct.12

Name:  ___________________________________________________________

Business Name: ____________________________________________________

Mailing address:  ___________________________________________________


email:  _________________________    phone:  _________________________

Product[s]/ Service:  ________________________________________________


Certification/license(s):  _____________________________________________

You are invited to a participatory gathering of like minded people focusing on indigenous traditional practices for living together in harmony, cooperation, and mutual sovereignty, respecting self, each other, and Mother Earth, sharing our gifts with our neighbors and in the bounty of Earth.  There will be ceremony, demonstrations, drumming and dancing, food, items for purchase, singing, story telling, etc.

Admission is by free will donation, supporting Seed Song Farm and Center.  All are welcome. No one turned away
We are having crafters, educators, farmers, healers, herbalists, gardeners, musicians, poets, and writers, etc.  There will be stationary displays and booths along the Algonquin Trail.
We are asking people with a skill, craft, service, and/or product they make which are of interest to the community, to come and share this.
There is no charge for vending/exhibiting. Vendors are asked to give a donation based on their sales.

Please contact Etaoqua, [] for information on vending/ exhibiting.

All profits above costs donated to Seed ong Farm and Center.