yellow [o-zuh-wan] - east - land of the dawn, the rising sun

  black [moo-ka-day] - west -going into the dark, the setting sun

  white [wa-bish-ka] - north - land of snow, ice and cold

Welcome to our Circle

We usually gather in a circle -
A circle is unbroken. There is no beginning, no end. There are no sides. When people gather in a circle, each can see the others, face to face. No one is above another. No one is below. All are equal.

The talking feather -
Over time it has been observed that humans may see more clearly when they take a step back. Using a feather so that all may see who is speaking has been shown to facilitate conversation for the benefit of all.
The talking feather also guarantees confidentiality.

Gratitude -
Being thankful, expressing gratitude raises a person's energy level, helps one feel better. Saying "thank you" when unpleasantly surprised improves the overall attitude and calms the mind.
gratitude also raises energy levels,
We give thanks first thing upon waking and last thing before sleeping.

The four directions -
There are 4 directions, four main points of a compass, four points of a cross.
American indigenous use colors to indicate each direction. 
In the M'hican - Ojibwe tradition:

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The 4 directions:

  red [mish-qua] - south - the sun's warmth is strongest