Sharing the River of Life

Wangom Wami Pasuk, Webe Werrego re mutche youh ca keeuk quach wauh twawan noweth quik woh unog.*
(Welcome every one. It is good to be here today and know anything is possible.)
We, all of us, share Matoulin* the sacred force permeating all things, the spirit moving in and through all things. We, all of us, respect the Great Law of Peace. Our experiences of life and hope for mutual survival call for us to respect each other and the world we share.
The Two Row Wampum Treaty says that, as we travel the River of Life, we do not interfere with each other. Now the time has come for us to build a shared vessel, while still maintaining our individual sovereignty. All of us share a common destiny as we travel through life.

Only together can we turn the tide to co-create a future for the next seven generations. In the prow of our shared vessel we place the Eagle whose sight and vision will steer us straight, warn us of obstacles, and carry our prayers to Creator. In the stern we place  Owl (Night Eagle), who enables us to hear and see each other plainly.  Together, all of us are like a bundle of arrows, unbreakable in our resolve and commitment to each other. We foster multiple alliances, building bridges between people of every color, creed and background.

We are showing others, by our actions, how we are walking our journey together.

Our statement of purpose.
We are people, both indigenous and immigrants of M'hicanassaic,** aka  Hudson River Valley.  
All of us, regardless of recent ancestry, have roots that connect us to the Earth.  
We choose to live together in response to a world in spiritual, social, and ecological crisis.  
We began our journey together, with the Two Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign
of 2013,when we
were known as the Two Row Hudson River Valley Supporters.
We are learning to respect ourselves, each other, and all we encounter on Mother Earth. 
This includes many not considered sentient, or even living, such as plants, animals, rocks, water, and Mother Earth herself.
 We are learning ways to live sustainably, and in harmony and cooperation with Earth Mother, cherishing and protecting her for generations to come.
 We push for social change towards peaceful and sharing societies, without hierarchies.
 We continue to educate and reach out, focusing on regional indigenous and ecological issues, and supporting and cooperating with like-minded people far and wide.
* -Renneiu/Quinnipiac               **- M’hicanuk                                                                                    April 3, 2014