What Native Americans
Wish Others to Know

Indigenous people would like those raised in a different way to know more about nature.      
All living beings have a right to life, to be themselves, to grow, to flower, to create seed, to fade and
withdraw as planned. The dandelion, oak, honey bee, corn, elk, butterfly, wolf, raspberry, hawk, oat, mussel,  egret, grasshopper, maple, ant, frog, the violet, panther, owl, spider, ivy, the heron, grape, the whale, juniper,  kelp, snake, the loon, cotton, eel, deer, quail, the turtle, beet sturgeon, mullein, worm, mushroom, turkey, the bear, mouse, otter, etc., all have a part in creation. As do the waters, the rocks, the micro organisms, the wind, the air, the soil, the minerals.
All are to be respected, thanked and honored for their contribution to life.

This all includes Planet Earth, Gaia, who has graciously hosted us all for millennia and who daily provides for our needs. Mother Earth must maintain herself in order to be able to provide for us. As a result of the disrespect shown her by humans, Earth, from time to time, undergoes her own cleansing and rejuvenating.
During these times we may suffer some discomfort and inconvenience.

We indigenous remember that the Creator made each one of us with equal love.
We humans have unlimited potential to manifest whatever we can imagine. This is affected primarily by how we treat each other. Showing kindness and appreciation to and for others brings joy to the heart. Lack of attention and care causes atrophy and disharmony.
Compassion nurtures the soul.
Gratitude shifts the attitude and calms the mind.

Since we all come from the one Creator, we are all one, all part of the one Creation, all part of the one family, all related. This makes it easier to see how when we disrespect or injure another, we disrespect or injure our self. What we do to another we do to our self.  As we love and care for each other, we love and care for ourselves




The Way of the Heron shows us how to walk with our brothers and sisters
               when we have differing views.           
This is a way of mediating and resolving conflict, finding a way to being peaceful.
It is also about reaching a higher level of understanding of self and those around oneself.  
Harmony is achieved through focusing on and clarifying the facts; purification of the individuals  through meditation, prayer, fasting, cleansing, rest and relaxation, singing, etc.; and finding a neutral third party to oversee negotiations and to mediate, between the conflicting parties.